Fundraising Ideas Part Two

Fundraising Ideas Part 2 of 3

In searching for information on fundraising I came across a great presentation from Infopeople. It looks like originally it was a webinar, but you can download the PowerPoint presentation where they cover some of the fundamentals of fundraising, as well as sample sponsorship letters. Here’s a link to their presentation:

In this section I’ve listed some of the slightly more complicated fundraising ideas. These are ideas that may require seeking sponsorship in the community, after hours events, and a bit more coordination. Find out who in your library knows and talks to everyone, and try and get them on board before starting one of these.

Slightly more complicated events

Spaghetti Dinner: Who doesn’t like Spaghetti! Sell tickets between $5 -$10 (or have someone take money as you dish out spaghetti) One of the keys to this kind of event is advertising! People must know an event is going on if they’re going to show up. Get some of the teens that enjoy the library to volunteer with the serving…then their parents will know about the event. Partner with some local businesses and let them put out materials in return for donating food or time. If you’re lucky enough to have a massage school in your area, call them up and see if some of the massage students want to come out and give free chair massages.

The Silent Auction: I have found that Silent Auctions tend to go best in conjunction with other events. When you’re setting up your silent auction you need to have partners. Contact local businesses in your community: first, to see if they are able to donate anything... this can be very beneficial to them, as its inexpensive advertising, secondly to let them know that there is a silent auction benefit that will be happening. This is particularly important in small towns. If you have a small town bank, they may not be able to donate anything to the auction…but they may be more than willing to –buy- something at the auction. Let your local business owners know about the event, and invite them to participate.

The Non-Silent Auction: Ever thought about having an auction with a real auctioneer? These can be a lot of fun, and can really get a crowd going. This is a case of knowing your audience…if you have enthusiastic patrons a real (non-silent) auction could go really well. For a real auction you need an auctioneer, and pickers (people that spot raised hands for bids), as well as donations from the community to auction off. Again, this is best done in conjunction with another event.

Fun Run/Walk/Bike/Dance: Individuals form teams and sign up. The teams, or individuals in the team are sponsored per mile travelled, or per event. The individuals go out and collect their own sponsorships, and after the event and donate the funds to the library. Even little kids can participate in this event! You can offer prizes to the participants. (For the Dance option….who can stay on the dance floor dancing the longest)

I would love to add more ideas to this section. If you have a fundraising idea that has worked at your library, and you’d like to share it, please email it to me at Send Mail and I will add it to the list. The more the merrier!

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Fundraising Ideas Part 3