Trickster Tales and Magic
Storytelling by Joshua Safford

Trickster Tales and Magic

Joshua Safford

Joshua Safford makes learning mythology fun through a fusion of storytelling, audience participation and magic. Joshua creates live special effects that bring new sparkle to old folklore that teaches cultural diversity and empowers children. See what teachers, librarians, principals, and kids themselves have to say. Joshua Safford delighted a diverse group of children and adults at the North Branch of Evanston Public Library with his dramatic program Trickster Tales and Magic. It was exciting to watch Mr. Safford educate his audience about myth, geography, and culture while introducing them to the cunning mischievous characters of Raven, Loki, Krishna and Coyote. He captivates audiences with clever illusions, imaginative storytelling and evocative costuming. He draws them in by encouraging group participation using volunteers from the audience. I would highly recommend Joshua for audiences young and old." Connie Heneghan, North Branch Manager, Evanston Public Library Evanston, IL

Type: Storytelling

Ages: Children Teen

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